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TTPSC (Trade Testing Professional Skill Council) is a Professional organization, constituted by the Government of the Punjab, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis. In addition to its accreditation with various top ranked organizations, colleges / universities abroad to excel distance learning on fast track, online, competency based and regular education for life experienced, matured and on-job professionals.

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TTPSC operates on Public-Private Partnership. Active Participation of Employers Federation of Pakistan [EFP] and Private Sector Businessmen have created the success story of the Trade Testing Professional Skill Council, Pakistan. It is affiliated with Foreign Office, Foreign universities & colleges and is engaged in Distance Learning Education. TTPSC is engaged to identify, develop and arrange Vocational, Technical / Professional and IT Training Programs. Training Programs are flexible, demand driven and cost effective with maximum participation from the Employers. TTPSC , Rawalpindi also offers tailor-made courses, according to the customers needs. It conducts Training Needs Assessment Surveys and schedules its training programs accordingly.


The launch of the Trade Testing Professional Skill Council, Pakistan is a historical milestone for Pakistan in the field of the Distance Learning Education, RPL and Experience Based Certification. It is expected to have great impact on the socio-economic growth of Pakistan.

Pakistan as a developing country offers a room for tremendous economic potential growth and professional excellence provided resources and mobilized in the right direction.

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