SPEC was set up as part of a skill development mission to fulfill the growing need in Pakistan for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills.

No one can deny the role of education in the society’s development. It is also a fact that no society can be prosperous or make any development without education. Besides, it is also a fact that the technical education is like a backbone and technically sound persons are the great assets of any society. However, on one hand if getting education for common people is becoming more and more difficult, on the other hand the youth are getting more and more opportunities because of technical education. For this purpose, thousands of technical and professional institutes are working and delivering training in this field due to which thousands of youth are getting advantages and becoming capable of earning clean money for their families with grace and respect. But there are also such students who, due to poverty, and besides being talented, cannot find the opportunity to get training in any such organizations. This leads them to work as labor or do nothing which, in most of the cases, destroy their lives and sometimes cause harmful to the society. In such circumstances, if a glance is given to the prevalent situation in the country, so one can feel that there is a big role of unemployment in all this. Looking into the prevalent situation, the directors of technical and professional institutes in Punjab, Pakistan.


The SPEC is working to educate the youth of Pakistan and by its own and for this purpose its members have established a fund which is helping all those helpless students who cannot afford to get the technical education. The “SPEC” also along with giving technical, professional, vocational, paramedical, education is providing them with the opportunities and resources. Moreover, the most talented and genius students are encouraged by giving them scholarships. They are also given with various certificates besides so that they can find opportunities of a respectable job.

The “SPEC” also tries to give them opportunities for getting jobs for earning clean money. The organization also aims to create positive thinking and change, to spread the education and to eliminate the old negative customs, local bad traditions and anti-human approaches in the society. The SPEC these efforts can play vital role in establishing a peaceful, developmental and prosperous society.